Lose weight & Diet

Diet is the factor that determines your success when you lose weight. Because only those who reach a calorie deficit over a corresponding period of time will also reduce body fat.

In addition, nutrition also plays an enormous role in our health and performance. Below you will find science-based articles that clear up myths and show you what you really should pay attention to if you want to lose weight successfully.

Moringa And Its Effects: How Healthy Is The Superfood Really?

Moringa is considered the new superfood. But does moringa really have a health-promoting effect or is the hype about the green powder completely exaggerated? When we talk about “Moringa” we mostly mean the green powder from the dried leaves of the…

F-factor Diet: This Diet Lets The Pounds Drop

Losing weight without compromising sounds just too good to be true. But with the F-factor diet, many things are allowed that would be inconceivable when losing weight with the classic low-carb variant: carbohydrates, restaurant visits, and even alcohol. Let’s be…